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What’s Your Inner Genius Archetype? Take This Profile Quiz to Find Out.

According to Inner Genius founder Catherine Mattiske, we are each one of 12 Inner Genius Archetypes. Identifying which one you are allows you to adjust your style of communication and learning to suit your individual personality. Take this profile quiz to find out which you are and transform your approach to personal and professional relationships.

How to Influence and Redirect a Dysfunctional Professional Team

Sometimes personality clashes on professional teams can leave managers feeling helpless. No matter how much mediating you do, people may not get along. However, deciphering team members’ Inner Genius Archetypes can help managers to better communicate with clashing team members and smooth things out.

Knowing Your Inner Genius Archetype Can Save Your Marriage

In relationships, we may find that no matter how clearly and concisely we state our feelings and views, the other person just doesn’t understand. This is because we each have a unique Inner Genius Archetype — a style of learning and communicating that may be much different than our partner’s. By identifying yours and your spouse’s Inner Genius Archetype, you may be able to bridge communication gaps that are undermining your marriage.

Find Out Your Learning Preference to Unlock Your Success at Work

Sometimes we find ourselves stagnating in our careers and we just don’t know why. We do the required tasks, yet we don’t advance. It could be that we’re unable to learn and grow because we don’t understand what we need to absorb and process new information. Inner Genius provides the tools to identify your learning preference and offers a blueprint for growth.

Identifying Your Team’s Inner Genius Archetypes Can Transform Your Business

Presentations, training, and directives at work are often one size fits all. However, team members may be any of 12 different Inner Genius Archetypes. Author and Inner Genius founder Catherine Mattiske unpacks what these archetypes are, and how to address your staff in a way that optimizes learning and communication among different team members to potentially boost collaboration and productivity.

Kids Struggling at School? Identify their Inner Genius Archetypes to Engage Them in Their Work

Young students who struggle at school and with their homework are often categorized as underachievers when the truth is that their learning style may just be different than their classmates’. By identifying your child’s learning preference, you can help them develop tools for better learning so that they can enjoy their education and accelerate at school.

HR Managers Can Build Better Teams by Identifying Candidates’ Inner Genius Archetypes

Job interviews touch on many topics but often neglect to identify key attributes candidates have that are associated with the way that they learn and their Inner Genius Archetypes. Inner Genius founder Catherine Mattiske unpacks what these archetypes are and advises HR managers on how to work with these qualities to build better teams.

Understand Your Team’s Inner Genius Archetypes to Boost Communication and Productivity

Every person on a professional team may have a unique style of learning and communication. One size does not fit all when it comes to meetings and training. By understanding the Inner Genius Archetypes of team members, you can more effectively manage employees for a more productive and positive collaboration.

Empower Your Employees by Identifying What Kinds of Learning Archetype They Are

When faced with learning a new skill in order to retain their position, employees may feel frustrated or threatened. However, if training programs match their learning preferences, they may feel empowered by gaining new skills and mastering their roles. Find out which your team members are to help them absorb and process new information and technologies.
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