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Tools for Improving How Individuals Learn, Communicate, and Connect

Achieve greater success in business and at home by optimizing learning and communication

The way that each individual collects, processes, learns, and communicates information is exclusive to that person. It is their unique Inner Genius: the filter through which they connect with the world.

In professional and personal settings, people often employ learning and communication techniques that don’t work for them or their colleagues. Though they may speak clearly and concisely, they often find they aren’t able to get their point across. When communication and learning breaks down, professional teams often suffer. In business, this can lead to frustration, lack of productivity, and low employee retention. In personal relationships, it may cause arguments and, in some cases, lead to divorce.

Built on Inner Genius founder Catherine Mattiske’s thirty years of experience in the global business world, Inner Genius presents a book and online tool suite providing the key to an individual’s learning and communication needs. By assessing their Inner Genius Archetype, the tools provide a blueprint for optimal learning, collaboration, and productivity. Individuals learn which of 12 Inner Genius Archetypes they are by completing a brief online profile. If they are “The Decrypter,” it means they have an eye for the bigger questions and are skilled at building connections through inquiry. If they are “The Narrator,” it means that they connect to the world through the heart of a story, and are focused on overall goals.

Instead of functioning as a behavioral assessment tool, Inner Genius leverages an innovative algorithm to assess an individual’s specific learning preference, categorizing them as one of 12 Inner Genius Archetypes. This provides a key to how individuals best receive information and process knowledge, and can improve their ability to learn and communicate in all aspects of their life. Not only do the archetypes unlock our own communication skills, but when we identify another person’s archetype, we know how best to work with that individual.

In-depth reports provided upon completion of Inner Genius’s online profile provide innovative communication techniques, specific to individual needs, that help fortify professional teams and strengthen personal relationships.

Mattiske’s new book “Unlock Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success” (September 2021) is an in-depth guide to the archetypes and outlines steps to optimizing learning and communication. In the book, Mattiske shows readers how to unlock their learning ability, learn faster, and gain new knowledge more easily. It educates readers not only on what communication skills will help them based on their personal Inner Genius Archetype, but how to work with others based on their archetypes.

“We have never been in a more rapidly changing world than we are now,” says Mattiske. “This book will help people, regardless of their path or industry, find their inner genius and reach new heights. Once people better understand their Inner Genius Archetype, a combination of their learning and communication preferences, they can tackle what is in front of them much more effectively.”

"Rethinking, relearning, collaboration, and communication have become essential skills for career success in the 21st Century,” says Donald Fan, a Senior Director at Walmart Inc USA. “Timely, the book ‘Unlock Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success’ offers a science-backed roadmap and programmatic guide on accelerating learning agility and communication efficacy. With mastery of 12 Inner Genius Archetypes, you unlock your own and others' unique learning preferences and strengths, and build trust-based relationships with people different from you through effective communications."

Inner Genius provides simple tools to help people understand their specific learning and communication needs, and a roadmap to working with others.

“We all gather, process, and communicate differently,” says Mattiske. “By understanding how to interpret information we aim to transform the way people communicate and connect with the world around them.”

Innovative Online Tools That Optimize Communication, Collaboration, and Learning

* Unlock Your Inner Genius book package (ebook, learning canvas, Inner Genius Archetype emoji for Slack, and store voucher)

Having authored more than 30 books, Catherine Mattiske’s newest book, “Unlock Inner Genius” (September 2021), guides readers to understand how they can function optimally as a learner and excel in their communication skills based on their personal Inner Genius archetype.

Chapters include:
+ How Do You Prefer to Learn?
+ Your Inner Genius Archetype.
+ How to Hook in All Archetypes.
+ Super-Charging Inner Genius.
+ How to Get Started Today.

* Inner Genius Package (a profile that reveals your Inner Genius Archetype, 50-page report, Alexa skills, Spotify list, communication canvas, Inner Genius Archetype emoji for Slack, and Inner Genius store voucher)

A 6-minute multiple choice profile will unlock your personal Inner Genius Archetype. The accompanying 50-page report provides detailed strategies for learning and communicating based on your personal needs. Featured in the report are:

+ Guidance for building your learning capacity.
+ Your key attributes according to your Inner Genius Archetype.
+ Keywords and phrases specific to your Inner Genius Archetype that help improve communication.
+ Teaching and presentation tips.

Download the Inner Genius One Pager.

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